VoxNodes Node Network

VoxNodes Node Network will introduce a community-owned, cloud-free solution comprised of thousands of community nodes which will form the Node architecture optimized for GameFi & Metaverse, which will run on an auto-scaling, high-speed, lightweight blockchain.
VoxNodes will create a use case for high-volume, high-speed gaming on devices such as laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, on a secure distributed network.
Once integrated, these Nodes will authenticate network transactions, reduce gas fees, reduce energy consumption and provide sustainable passive income streams for projects onboarding, node network owners, project communities, all within the Node architecture. The VoxNodes project team is pleased to announce that the VoxNodes Network Architecture will be presented in the first quarter of 2023. This includes commercialization, which will include the VoxNodes presale outlay, which will be available to the community at the beginning of Quarter 2 2023.
VoxNodes is providing a solution through innovation optimized for the GameFi and metaverse industries, and we expect VoxNodes to be one of the most widely used defi platforms in 2023 as it solves one of the space’s most pressing issues. More information will be available when the VoxNodes Network Architecture is released in Quarter 1 2023.