Leadership Team

Voxel X Team is comprised of seasoned crypto enthusiasts with varied experiences in some of the leading crypto projects around the world. Our team includes consultants, business owners, artists, investors, project managers, entrepreneurs and gamers.
The Voxel X team has operational experience in different industry sectors, including gaming, e-commerce, marketing, design, video production, music production, community building, coding, blockchain solutions and IT security systems.
The all-service, ethically-sound, competency-based team formed by instilling in Voxel X the same ethos we expect for our own businesses and families. TIM TANNER Co-Founder – Strategic Partnerships
RICHARD NAKA Co-Founder – Project Development
OLLIE POLLOCK Co-Founder – Metaverse Development & Security
MICHEL TER DAM Co-Founder - Web & Front-End Project Development
WILL H Co-Founder - Business Development & Partnerships
TJ ERGUN Co-Founder – Security, NFT GameFi & Metaverse Partnerships
LUKA BIRKIN Co-Founder - Graphic Design & Video Animations
BLAZE REED Co-Founder - Digital Marketing
MARKUS LANGEBRAUN Co-Founder – Community & Communicating Platforms
ODA HIROTO Co-Founder – Communication Broadcasting JULIAN BROADUS Executive Director - Promotions ROB H Head of Partnerships IRON WALL Head of Security of Networks and Digital Infrastructures NELSON MOONDELA Lead Crypto Technical Analyst KIM GROOT Manager - Creative, NFT GameFi & Metaverse Partnerships