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Voxel X Ecosystem

Providing innovative next generation technological solutions for the emerging Blockchain GameFi & Metaverse industry
$VXL TOKEN $VXL will function as the utility token for the entire Voxel X Network ecosystem. SUPERKLUSTER A Multi-chain NFT Decentralized Marketplace designed for creators and optimized for GameFI & Metaverse NFT assets. VOXDEX A powerful & robust decentralized exchange. Swap, earn, and build on the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol. Generous Rewards Incentive System. VOXELXVERSE Building an interconnected Metaverse environment with other partnered environments. Developing and optimizing 3D cross compatible NFT assets. Play, trade and connect. VOXNODES A community-owned, cloud-free solution comprised of thousands of community nodes which will form the Node architecture optimized for GameFi & Metaverse, which will run on an auto-scaling, high-speed, lightweight blockchain. VOXDAO Decentralized Autonomous Organisation ('DAO') governance system governed through fair and transparent community proposals and voting mechanisms for decision making.