Exchange Listings

Voxel X is currently listed on multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges, with plans to be listed onto Top Tier CEX in 2022
Based on current market conditions, it is clear that the leadership team’s decision to postpone the current pre-approved Top Tier CEX listing of the $VXL token in conjunction with the comprehensive marketing launch of SuperKluster NFT Marketplace’s final release with upgrades was the most sensible course of action to ensure we leverage as much as we can from the listing in terms of maximizing both volume and exposure.
The listing fee, marketing expense, and adding liquidity, i.e., $VXL/$USDT, are all material in nature, and we must manage our finances accordingly. As a result, the leadership team believes that the exponential benefit from the listing to the entire Voxel X ecosystem must be timed with care; thus, we are looking for a market gap, the expected relief period, and timing it with the SuperKluster public launch.
We continue to manage discussions with two Tier 1 CEXs, with whom we have developed meaningful relationships. To maximize volume, we must maintain active engagement both internally and externally as a community.
We are also in preliminary discussions with other top-tier CEXs, and we hope that while we work through our first major listings, we can develop a long-term roadmap with other exchanges that will allow us to transition into that mid-tier cap project in 2023 and become a Tier 1 CMC Web3 project.
Last modified 1yr ago