VoxelXVerse Metaverse

The metaverse is the hypothetical next iteration of the Internet as a single universal, immersive collection of virtual worlds.
Voxel X aims to take a collaborative approach in development to troubleshoot and evolve with the prevailing technologies and industry conditions to deliver a more comprehensive enjoyable product for the end user.
Voxel X metaverse aims to enhance social connection, discovery, and experience for individuals and communities of the metaverse with a focus on interplay and synergy between other coextensive development teams within web3. In Q1 2023, the Voxel X Metaverse team will provide an update on VoxelXVerse, including a comprehensive overview of what to expect from VoxelXVerse, specifically the overall concept, maps, and future pre-sales for VoxelXVerse limited land sales, which will open the community in Q2 2023.