SuperKluster NFT Marketplace

The Voxel X Network Leadership Team has come to the decision that SuperKluster will remain active for our partners and community until Saturday, December 31st at 11:59pm UTC. Thereon, SuperKluster will be reverted to maintenance mode until the platform is ready for its final release, coupled with a comprehensive marketing launch plan.
Please refer to the ‘SuperKluster NFT Marketplace Upgrades leading to Public Launch’ medium for more details:
SuperKluster was under development for over 12 months, which included extensive optimization after rigorous testing and CertiK security audit.
SuperKluster is positioned to become the world’s #1 decentralized community preferred NFT Marketplace platform.
Extensive functionality tailored around the optimization for 3D Model NFT Minting, means we will be one of the only NFT Marketplace platforms with the capabilities to mint 3D models using files such as GLB, GLTF, OBJ and FBX, again this demonstrates why we expect to become leaders within the NFT, GameFi & Metaverse space.
We are excited to provide our very own User & Collection Verification Feature, this will be an elective and is not mandatory, but will serve as an added certification feature when buying and selling NFTs on the SuperKluster NFT Marketplace.
One of the main objectives at Voxel X has been to develop a decentralized NFT marketplace platform, this has led to the scrutinization of every process, the optimization for automation, with the ultimate goal in working towards becoming a fully functional community driven decentralized platform.
SuperKluster was designed and built to optimize metaverse/blockchain gaming development with creators, collectors, investors and artists in mind. With the persistent support and continued backing from VoxCitizens and the wider community, “SuperKluster” will become a flagship NFT Marketplace in Web3.
We have been working tirelessly to build our panel of projects listed onto Voxel X NFT, GameFi & Metaverse Partnerships, with over 15+ quality projects listed, and a developing portfolio of prospective projects, while recently adding Creative Partnerships for artists in mind, we expect this will provide more volume and activity onto SuperKluster.
SuperKluster Security
We would like to disclose to the community to mitigate and resolve all risks, we have and will continue to always use the trusted CertiK security auditor.
In completing the CertiK security audit, to resolve all matters specifically relating to Centralization Related Risks, we present to the community the implementation to mitigate any centralized risks pertaining to SuperKluster as follows:
Measure 1 — Multisign wallet In keeping with the project’s commitment to transparency, operational security and decentralization, VXL adopted the use of Gnosis Safe multi-signature (MultiSig) wallets for smart contract enhanced security.
Gnosis MultiSig wallets allow assignment of privileged roles to designated persons, preventing private key compromise and eliminating single points of failure. VXL’s 4/10 MultiSig wallets can only be opened when four of ten assigned team members vote to approve a transaction, and all transactions are recorded internally.
VXL is able to designate specific beneficiaries for payment, set spending limits for specific assets, and create time windows within which transactions must take place. In the case of personnel turnover, MultiSig wallets also allow privileged role transfer to new members.
The team acknowledged the issue and adopted the multisign solution to ensure the private key management process at the current stage. The SuperKluster contracts has transferred the ownership to a Gnosis Safe contract in the sensitive function signing process.
  • SuperKluster Gnosis Safe: eth:0x700365603b06069a38e39BB06d6F661764c28A89
  • The 10 multisign addresses listed below are all co-founders of Voxel X Network as stated in the Voxel X Network Whitepaper Version 2.0
1. eth:0x0039CD7b20c8926D31FfD9C1f4b78c6618f8731B
2. eth:0x05cE21Ae71941D0665b5E6f3e1bc853833c20827
3. eth:0x074d5BFdcbef3172f850002d35A04aD7FAc3a34b
4. eth:0x1Bbf0BB607b6494D30F541206a267f55a30ced79
5. eth:0x58609a932Fb0829Fba1c515cA5Dd0a77172339f6
6. eth:0x888FEE8e70D0f4E4b80Bc7d2034bBA9AeCa2D1B2
7. eth:0x9A19ea9f490e3c32D616308157c0c57efc0AD870
8. eth:0x9A297c08a6DB4AEC7641d005E757593241A36163
9. eth:0xd818d1D6e23C84D3aE0544d30BC67E26af120Cb4
10. eth:0xf1Ca4Fd6129Bda80f85a11b81A9d5e034911d633
Measure 248 hour timelock
A further addition to the first layer multisig protection, before any privileged action is executed, it must go through a 48-hour delay timelock.
This provides a Time-lock with reasonable latency, which means it will allow for the community to be aware of any changes by management to our smart contracts before they are executed.
In summary this will put any pending smart contract transaction on chain for a minimum of 48 hours duration, which notably ensures transparency to all users for any changes before the pending transaction executes.
Measure 3 — DAO System
Voxel X Network are currently in the planning process of the implementation of its DAO system, which will cover its entire ecosystem which will include SuperKluster, VoxDEX, VoxelXVerse and Voxel X Node Network.
The DAO governance will increase transparency, community involvement, and will include a participatory, neutral voting mechanism for those that hold $VXL native and only token.
The DAO system will include all of Voxel X platforms, from SuperKluster, VoxDEX, VoxelXVerse and Voxel X Node Network, from contract executions, governance to operations decisions.
Once the DAO is implemented, Voxel X leadership team will renounce its MultiSig ownership and all liquidity and smart contract rights will be fully transferred to the DAO system with ownership back to the community, in becoming a fully decentralized ecosystem.
Please refer to SuperKluster CertiK Security Audit Report by visiting We are proud to have successful passed the Certik Audit with exceptional results. Please make sure to follow us for all the latest on SuperKluster by following: