VoxDEX Exchange

Voxel X Powered Decentralized Exchange 'VoxDEX' will serve as the premier destination for swaps, staking and liquidity pools.
With advanced features such as limit order, expert mode, a comprehensively developed incentivised reward system and more importantly will be audited by CertiK and live on skynet when launched. Additionally users that supply Liquidity (LP) to the DEX will receive automated distributions of competitive annual rates of return for farming and annual percentage for staking. DEXs have been on a rinse and repeat cycle over the past couple of years and have not brought much innovation to Defi. Here at Voxel X not only will our DEX serve as place for swaps, staking and liquidity pools as the standard factory default as mentioned above, but we have made several key additions to VoxDEX for a far more advanced experience. The VoxDex development team has been working at breakneck speed; we have a working beta platform for the swap and have implemented more than 90% of the features. The development team has been working on additional DEX innovation to ensure we are offering more than just an ordinary dex, which will include the following:
1. OTC facility 2. Lend & Borrow facility 3. Perpetual facility — leveraging trading 4. Lottery facility 5. Token & Liquidity locking facility 6. Referral & User incentives The team will work towards the release of VoxDex version 1.0 in the first quarter of 2023, and will work through the new features in continuous upgrades. Please keep in mind that VoxDex will not be released until $VXL reaches a minimum price of $0.10, which we hope will represent a reprieve from current market conditions.